Dr. Yasmine Fouad, the minister of the environment and the president of the fourteenth conference of the parties to the convention on biological diversity, announced the termination of the ratification of the main political declaration of the conference, and post-2020 action plan, including the contribution of the local communities, youth, member states and all partners.

In addition, she mentioned it is the first time to arrange voluntary commitments with the existence of funding mechanisms. Further, She confirmed that Egypt has fulfilled its mandate to integrate all the African concerns in the conference of the parties, and all what has been agreed upon in the political declaration of the African summit which preceded the Conference of the Parties. Additionally, she said, we have a long road to be completed within Egypt’s presidency of the conference.

Fouad mentioned that two presidents to be elected, from developing and developed countries to follow up the progress within the closing plenary session of the conference.

Fouad said that this conference has been attented with a large percentage of representation of the Member States compared to previous biodiversity conferences. Therefore, we have to confirm the confidence in Egypt under its capacity the president of the conference.

Fouad is delighted for the participation of delegates at the conference, which reflects the real wish to reach consensus provisions, seeking the protection of biodiversity at the global level.

The above was mentioned in the press conference held by Dr. Yasmine Fouad, the minister of the environment and the president of the conference at the closing of the CBD COP 14 held in Sharm El Sheikh, in the presence of Dr. Cristiana Palmer, the CBD executive secretary, and Mr. Khaled Fouda, the governor of South Sinai.

In the same vein, Palmer thanked the Egyptian government for the hospitality and best reception, highlighting the good organization, and her happiness to work with Egypt in the coming period.

Palmer has introduced some of the conference outcomes, including increasing measures to protect biodiversity and accelerating the implementation of Aichi targets, further for binding commitments that arising from Sharm El Sheikh ‘s Conference and its declaration on biodiversity.

On the other hand, Mr. Khaled Fouda, the governor of South Sinai, confirmed his happiness about all the delegates’ participation in Sharm El Sheikh Conference, whereas it is the peace city as well as it is an eco-friendly city, in addition, about 34% of Sharm’s surface, are natural protected areas, further it concerns with the environmental tourism, and bird watching tourism .

At the end of his speech, Fouda invited the participating delegates to return back to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt to enjoy the recreation combined with the weather and cleanness of the environment.

COP14 Closing Press Conference

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