Through the preparation of Egypt for hosting the United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP 14), the ministry of the environment organized a workshop for parliament members of the energy and the environment committee in Sharm El Sheikh from 26 th to 29 th of current September; in order to display the ministry of the environment’s efforts to develop South Sinai protected areas to be convenient for hosting the conference of parties (COP 14) on the biodiversity by Egypt , and to shed light on the natural resources where the protected areas of south Sinai are full thereof, as well as the challenges to protect and conserve the biodiversity and the protected areas.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, minister of the environment, confirmed the great role of the parliament, she said, the visit’s aim is to call everybody to participate in the environmental work that requires the collaboration of the society to improve the environment and to protect our natural resources. Whereas, Egypt will host the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP 14) next November, which is one of the important conferences that will be held in Egypt, thus it shall be deemed to mean a great step to commensurate with the political reform that take place in Egypt, 196 states will participate.

The importance of the conference refers to the contribution of the five major sectors: Energy, Industry, Health, Mining, and Housing, which are included in the government’s agenda for 2018-2022. Furthermore, Egypt is to presiding over the convention for 2 years as it is the oldest convention of the united nations relevant to the environment, it was existed and established with the convention of desertification and climate change.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad clarified that the African states have authorized Egypt to establish the road map post 2020, as well as there is an Egyptian initiative to link the biodiversity with desertification and climate change. This initiative shall guarantee the proper path for sustainable development, whereas it was accepted by Germany and France and it was also ratified by the African segment.

Dr. Yasmine Fouad explained, the ministry of the environment’s keenness for the participation of the youth in the conference. The ministry commenced an initiative in which 27 universities from several governorates have participated thereto. Through this initiative; the youth participated in the environmental work via researching the environmental problems that every governorate suffers therefrom and the contribution to resolve the same. The ministry of the environment is keen of youth integration into the environmental work within the conference.

The ministry has organized an inspection visit, for parliament members, to the protected areas in South Sinai such as Ras Mohamed to recognize the wealth and natural resources of these protected areas. In addition, a visit to the sanitation site in Sharm El Sheikh as a model of the ministry’s effort in rehabilitation of this site as it is an important site for migrating birds. Besides a voyage to be aware of the protection systems for maritime natural resources as well as a visit to Al Salam Park, where a tree was planted as a symbol of the biodiversity and conserve the environment. A delegate of each participant states will plant a tree at Al Salam Park.

The engineer Talaat El Sewedy, president of the energy committee in the parliament, affirmed the parliament’s support for the biodiversity conference’s success. Also, the committee concerns with the continuing cooperation with the ministry of the environment in assisting its efforts to conserve the natural resources. The cooperation has yielded to reduce lots of the environmental problems. The political support has appeared in several environmental issues, the committee has agreed on the law draft submitted by the government on protected area regulations, as well as it studies and discusses other statutes relevant to the environment. At the end, Eng. El Sewedy thanked Dr. Yasime Fouad for organizing the workshop which it is a wealth of information about the environment and the biodiversity.

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